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The Business Benefits of Vendor-Neutral Digital Pathology

Updated: May 7

In life, the saying "one size fits all" is rarely true. It certainly isn't in Digital Pathology. Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) scanners are typically designed and marketed with particular use-cases in mind, and can differ by physical size (and portability), image quality, throughput, and price - a few are shown below. Not all manufacturers have scanners which are a good match for each use case.

Whether a hospital decides to purchase the best WSI scanner for each individual use case in your hospital (regardless of manufacturer), or if they already have a mix of WSI scanners from different manufacturers, without vendor-neutral software, it means:

  • Training users (including Pathologists and support staff) on different WSI viewers and workflows.

  • Difficulty with external consultations, as the external clinician may not have access to the required software.

  • IT support for multiple software packages (often needing to be installed on each workstation).

  • Multiple integration points into other systems like Lab Information Systems (LIS), Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, and AI/analysis tools.

Each of these items can add significant financial costs to the hospital, and can negatively affect patient care and staff productivity and happiness.

Vendor-neutral digital pathology workflow and viewer software from Aurora mScope:

  • Is compatible with WSI scanners (including frozen section scanners) from all major manufacturers.

  • Has an ultra-fast, fully-featured, vendor-neutral WSI viewer.

  • Has a customizable digital pathology workflow, reporting, and auditing system.

  • Has APIs for straightforward integration with LIS and EHR systems, and more.

  • Can integrate AI/analytics tools from your chosen providers.

A selection of the manufacturers' digital pathology offerings supported by Aurora mScope is shown at right.

Let us know how we can help you achieve a truly vendor-neutral digital pathology solution.

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