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  • John Phillips

The Business Benefits of Vendor-Neutral Digital Pathology

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

In life, the saying "one size fits all" is rarely true. It certainly isn't in Digital Pathology. Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) scanners are designed and marketed with particular use-cases in mind, and can differ by physical size (and portability), image quality, throughput, and price - a few are shown below. Manufacturers typically don't have scanners which are good for each use case - a high-volume scanner may not be needed in a tertiary-care hospital, for example.

Whether your hospital or health network decides to purchase the best WSI scanner for each individual use case in your hospital (regardless of manufacturer), or if you already have a mix of WSI scanners from different manufacturers, operating with software from each individual scanner manufacturer means:

  • Training users (including Pathologists and support staff) on different WSI viewers and workflows.

  • Difficulty with external consultations, as the external clinician may not have access to the required software.

  • IT support for multiple software packages (often needing to be installed on each workstation).

  • Multiple integration points into other systems like Lab Information Systems (LIS), Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, and AI/analysis tools.

Each of these items can add significant financial costs to the hospital, and can negatively affect patient care and staff productivity and happiness.

Vendor-neutral digital pathology workflow and viewer software from Aurora mScope:

  • Is compatible with WSI scanners (including frozen section scanners) from all major manufacturers.

  • Has an ultra-fast, fully-featured, vendor-neutral WSI viewer.

  • Has a customizable digital pathology workflow, reporting, and auditing system.

  • Has APIs for straightforward integration with LIS and EHR systems, and more.

  • Can integrate AI/analytics tools from your chosen providers.

A selection of the manufacturers' digital pathology offerings supported by Aurora mScope is shown at right.

Further, Aurora mScope is vendor-neutral when it comes to analysis and AI algorithms as well. You can confidently choose best-of-breed algorithms from multiple developers knowing that they can be integrated with mScope.

Let us know how we can help you achieve a truly vendor-neutral digital pathology solution.

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