Web & Cloud Based

A cloud-based solution means it is fast, flexible and broadly accessible. It provides secure access to uploaded case images and is able to share those images across large or small distances. It also allows the images to be viewed without the need to download individual software packages.

Aurora mScope offers the seamless, vendor-neutral management of case slides so they can be easily integrated into the workflow to enhance collaboration and organization. The open architecture of the software allows the user to select and interchange their choice

of scanner or image analysis platform.

Universal & Interoperable

Slide scanner
Digital slide of human tissue.

High resolution and true colour images with ability to rotate images, apply measurement tools and navigate images with pan, zoom, magnification and simultaneously apply split screen, image capture snapshots and record observations with an unlimited annotation tool. 

Viewer Replicates
Microscope Function

Aurora mScope workflow and reporting

Workflow and Reporting

Work flow in mScope Clinical is completely customizable to suit differing practice needs.  Ingested case slides are automatically allocated to the appropriate pathologist, case status is tracked and reported, cases can be shared with colleagues, reassigned, sent back to lab or sent out for another opinion before being archived.  A built-in reporting system, voice activated dictation, and the emailing of completed reports are integrated into mScope or mScope can be integrated into your current LIS.

Proven Internationally 

Developed in Canada, Aurora mScope has clients in over 12 countries including France, Canada, United States, Austria, Spain, The Netherlands, as well as in Africa and Asia.


The solution is available in three languages:

English, French & Spanish.

Electronic medical record.

Flexible Clinical Solutions

Flexible access with any Internet connection through a secure portal with mScope’s cloud based, clinical solution that is available anywhere, anytime and on any device.

mScope is HIPAA compliant with multi-factor security for handling and sharing confidential patient information.

We support encrypted streaming for remote consultations

and tele-pathology.

Ready to Integrate

Aurora mScope Clinical Solution is able to integrate with all major brands of slide scanners, macro video “grossing” stations, Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and Electronic Health Records (EHR).


Our open architecture provides the flexibility to allow our clients to select and seamlessly integrate into mScope best of breed image analysis and artificial intelligence solutions as they are developed and become established over the coming years.

We meet and exceed National, Local and International Standards

Access Control & Security

Clinicians log on securely, with data encrypted using industry standards.  An audit log tracks all actions taken within the system, and is suitable for both security and quality assurance purposes.  mScope enables you to maintain compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, DPA, and others. 

Virtual Image Sharing

Within the software, virtual conferences can be organized and conducted with screen sharing capabilities allowing experts within their fields to collaborate on life-saving decisions.

Control over the images being viewed can be shared amongst participants  and a built-in communication feature allows private or public real-time chats during the session.