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A user viewing mScope on a tablet.

Universal Image Viewer

Experience mScope’s fast and reliable access

to high resolution, true-color images

(including digital microscopy). Magnify, pan, zoom and compare multiple images,

annotate, share and chat in realtime.

Image Library

Share your local or hosted image library using mScope’s dynamic image library module. Search, filter, sort, tag, organize and share images from any source.

A pathologist looking into a microscope.

Study Management

Create and share local or hosted research studies (multiple images, attachments and metadata) organized using mScope’s flexible and powerful research study management module.

Delivered from the farm direct to our processing facility

We ensure the highest standard in quality control

We meet and exceed National, Local and International Standards


Collaborate and communicate with local or remote peers and in group discussions of image-enhanced research study materials using mScope’s dynamic and intuitive research collaboration module.


Ensure robust, compliant, streamlined and automated archiving of your critical content to local or cloud-based repositories with mScope’s dependable archiving module.

IT and Administration

Ensure smart, robust, compliant and streamlined system management based

on standard IT technologies with

mScope solutions.

A digital slide of human tissue.

Image Analysis

Our open architecture provides the flexibility to allow our Research clients to select and seamlessly integrate best of breed image analysis and artificial intelligence solutions into mScope as they are developed and become established over the coming years.

Our Research Solution provides a full array of analysis and annotation tools to assist with the identification, notation, and communication of image insights.

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