The mScope educational suites are used in university undergraduate and graduate courses, undergraduate and post-graduate medical education, medical conference courses and by pathology associations. We are present in nine countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, with over 15,000 educational users. In 2008, for example, one of Canada’s leading medical schools adopted mScope to teach undergraduate histology. This single course has grown to 600 heath science students at two geographically-distant campuses. This distant learning solution has resulted in immediate savings through the elimination of the need for microscope-based, laboratory seminar classrooms, microscopes and their maintenance, glass slide teaching sets and any replacement due to breakage. Students are able to access and view digitally-scanned, fully-annotated slide material anytime and anywhere they have access to the web. They schedule online collaboration and chat sessions with each other and with their teaching assistants for course material review. Their professor reports better learning and understanding of the subject material, and better test scores. A major university in Spain, in a similar trend, doubled the number of student users for a digital microscopy-based course to over 200 within the first year of adopting the mScope solution in 2012.