Aurora Interactive and Auburn University sign a deal for online teaching

Aurora Interactive has signed a contract for its mScope Education communication platform and viewer with Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Pathobiology. The platform will have many applications, including the use of Aurora Interactive‘s mScope Education platform and viewer to teach online courses relating to pathology.

“By making available state-of-the-art technology to our students, we are acting on our vision to be a national leader in veterinary medicine,” said Elizabeth Spangler, D.V.M., Ph.D., an assistant professor in clinical pathology at Auburn University. “By providing exemplary educational resources today and anticipating the educational needs of tomorrow, we want to offer the most advanced training available to veterinary students.”

Mr. Pierre Le Fèvre, president and chief executive officer for Aurora Interactive stated: “We are extremely proud to be associated with furthering veterinary medicine teaching at Auburn. The decision to facilitate medical communication between teachers and students is consistent with our company’s collaborative Web 2.0 philosophy and mScope product.”

About the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

Established in 1892 and located in Auburn, Alabama, Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine is the oldest in the South and the nation’s seventh oldest. A four-year curriculum prepares students for a variety of career opportunities, from private practice, to biomedical research, to public health. More than 16,000 animals a year are treated in the veterinary teaching hospital where real-world training is provided to future veterinarians. Auburn has awarded more than 6,000 doctorate of veterinary medicine degrees and offers a graduate program in the biomedical sciences.