Aurora Interactive Ltd. has signed a sales contract for its mScope Education communications platform and viewer with AFAQAP (French Association for Quality Assurance in Pathological Anatomy and Cytology) to assess knowledge and continued education for its quality enhancement program for pathology practice.

“AFAQAP is enjoying success vis-à-vis demanding medical professionals that we accompany in their quest for quality. Our model is based on the logic of experts’ network reinforced by information technology, a Web site, a knowledge sharing platform and use of virtual slides” indicated Professor Jean-Pierre Bellocq, President of AFAQAP and responsible for the Pathology Department at Strasbourg University Hospitals. AFAQAP was the first Association to use virtual slides for large scale diagnostic evaluations in Europe 10 years ago. “The partnership with Aurora will add a new dimension to our performance thanks to the quality and scalability of their products as well as the customized approach the company is providing us in the pursuit of our projects” added Pr Bellocq.

Pierre Le Fèvre, President and Chief Executive Officer for Aurora Interactive stated: “We are extremely proud of having been selected by this prestigious organization dedicated to the quality of pathology practice. The AFAQAP’s decision confirms the usefulness of Pathology 2.0 in areas of quality and continued medical education management.”

In 2009, Aurora Interactive reached similar agreements with other Pathology Associations in Austria, Portugal and Spain and since early 2010, France and Quebec have signed similar deals. ”We are very pleased with our progress and we are continuing with great enthusiasm our marketing plan around the world,” said Mr. Le Fèvre.

About the AFAQAP

The AFAQAP (French Association for Quality Assurance in Pathological Anatomy and Cytology), is a not-for-profit Association. Founded in 1990 by French pathologists in order to enhance the quality of their practice, it is open to all professionals in the discipline (pathologists and non-medical staff), French and foreign. Since April 2006, it is recognized organization of EPP (Evaluation of Professional Practices) and by HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé). The AFAQAP develops assessments, based on voluntary participants in the areas of diagnosis, examination techniques and organizational structures of ACP. These actions are complemented by the provision of a documentation system related to quality