Association des pathologistes du Québec & Aurora sign a deal

Aurora Interactive Ltd. has signed a sale contract for its mScope Education communication platform with the Association des pathologistes du Québec. The platform will have many applications, including an enhancement of our members’ medical education.

Dr. Louis A. Gaboury, President of the Association des pathologistes du Québec (APQ) stated: “We are very happy to make mScope, a communication tool from Aurora, available to the entire community of pathologists in Quebec. This will allow teaching and collaboration between all pathologists. It is imperative for our specialty to use state-of-the-art technology to deliver high quality medical education”.

Mr. Pierre Le Fèvre, Chief Executive Officer for Aurora Interactive stated “Aurora Interactive is proud to collaborate with the APQ since our technical and intellectual assets are in Quebec. In 2009, we signed agreements with other associations of pathologists in Austria, France, Portugal and Spain. The one with the APQ is especially significant since we have built a worldwide reputation in digital pathology from here”.

About the Association des pathologistes The APQ represents some 215 specialists and 50 residents in Anatomopathology, a medical specialty for which the first role is to diagnose diseases from human tissues through microscopic exams. The particular interest of this specialty is that it sheds light on a large number of diseases since pathologists study all organs. Another aspect of the work implies cancer screening through cytology. Pathology also includes other activities such as autopsy pathology, molecular biology and many other established sub-specialties such as neuropathology, pediatric pathology, hematopathology and dermatopathology to name but a few. The work is done essentially in hospital settings and still relies on microscopic observation.