December 10, 2009

Aurora Interactive to donate clinical and educational communication tools to a fund co-founded by Dr. Brenda Gallie

Aurora Interactive Ltd. announced today that the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund (DECF) to facilitate the analysis of images of the childhood eye cancer retinoblastoma in Kenya and enable online consultation between national and international colleagues.

Retinoblastoma is a curable cancer. In developed countries, 97% of affected children are cured, many retaining useful vision. However, the majority of the world’s children affected with retinoblastoma live in less economically developed countries, where less than 20% survive. Without prompt specialist medical care, including histopathological analysis to detect risk of tumour spread, retinoblastoma quickly extends beyond the confines of the eye, to the eye socket, brain or bone marrow, with very poor chance of cure.

Dr. Brenda Gallie, Director of The Hospital for Sick Children’s Retinoblastoma Program and International Medical Director of DECF, stated that: “Timely and accurate pathology is key for survival of children with retinoblastoma. This important contribution from Aurora Interactive will enable Kenyan doctors to achieve the best possible care and ultimately save the lives of children with retinoblastoma.”

Together with the Kenyan National Retinoblastoma Strategy group, DECF identified the University of Nairobi as a centre with the capacity to develop into a national Retinoblastoma Collaborative Laboratory Service. Towards building this program, Aurora Interactive Ltd. will grant to DECF free licenses and ongoing software training for mScope Clinical and Education Suites, which will facilitate collaborative consultation between healthcare professionals involved in the management of retinoblastoma patients, both nationally and internationally. The MOU also includes the undertaking from Aurora to facilitate continuing retinoblastoma medical education by enabling online course material submission in Kenya with review by national and international specialists.

Mr. Pierre Le Fèvre, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aurora declared that: “We are extremely happy to support the remarkable work initiated by Dr. Gallie and the Kenyan National Retinoblastoma Strategy group, to improve the chance of survival for children with retinoblastoma.”