CEO to present at the Latin American Society of Pathology’s Congress

Mr. Pierre Le Fèvre, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Interactive, will make a presentation to the XXVII Latin American Society of Pathology’s Congress to be held from November 2nd to 6th 2009 in Antigua, Guatemala.

The Governing Board of the Latin American Society of Pathology (SLAP) invited Mr. Le Fèvre to present the “Use of clinical and teaching digital preparations” as well as discuss the innovative solutions brought by Aurora’s communication software mScope for the access and sharing of digital images between pathologists. Other experts, such as Dr. Marcial Garcia Rojo from Spain and Dr. Clovis Klock from Brazil, will join the discussion and will present their views on telepathology.

The SLAP Congress is an event that brings together renowned pathologists of America and other continents, mainly in Europe, to review the improvements in the field of pathology.

Specifically, Aurora’s software applications are packaged to meet the pathologist community’s digital communications needs. Aurora does not produce, modify or analyze images but simply facilitates communications and collaboration around them. Mr. Le Fèvre declared that: “Aurora chose its development philosophy (i.e. non-compression / non-conversion) because it believes that, the recompression or conversion of digital pathology images could potentially lead to an incorrect diagnosis.