Aurora Interactive announced today that Dr. Erik Yeo, Chairman of the Board of Aurora Interactive and Professor of Hematology at Toronto General Hospital, and Mr. Pierre Le Fèvre, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aurora, will make a formal oral presentation on Friday, October 23 to the FDA’s Hematology and Pathology Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee in Washington D.C.

Aurora is strongly committed to ensuring the quality of care in digital pathology and shares the panel’s concern to do what is right for patients and consumers. “We applaud the FDA’s leadership and look forward to any assistance we can provide in this regard,” stated Dr. Yeo.

Aurora Interactive is the creator of web-based pathology communications software that allows the pixel-for-pixel, non-compressed, non-converted transmission and display of native image formats over networks such as the Internet. This viewer may be integrated into applications that allow users to enrich the images with other content, share them and collaborate around them to improve their communications.

Specifically, Aurora’s software applications are packaged to meet the pathologist community’s digital communications needs. Aurora does not produce, modify or analyze images but simply facilitates communications and collaboration around them. Mr. Le Fèvre declared that: “Aurora chose its development philosophy (i.e. non-compression / non-conversion) because it believes that, the recompression or conversion of digital pathology images could potentially lead to an incorrect diagnosis.

To view the powerpoint presentation, click here.