In 2009, Aurora was awarded the contract to provide a telepathology and digital slide image management solution for twenty-two, geographically distant hospitals. This included both university- and community-based pathology laboratories in the Province of Quebec, Canada. In addition to the mScope clinical solution, the university-based hospitals in the group installed the mScope educational solution. This project has been fully implemented and all sites are fully functional, performing inter-site consultations, consultations for third parties, and distant site frozen quick section reviews. mScope is Health Canada approved for these indications. Driven by increasing pathologist manpower constraints and the need for laboratory cost and resource rationalization, this initiative has proven to be highly successful. Sites within this hospital group that have lost their pathologist, or sites with one pathologist who is on leave or overloaded with work, continue to be fully supported by colleagues at the other sites in the system, with uninterrupted delivery of efficient pathology services in support of critical surgery and urgent pathology diagnosis. These solutions have also eliminated or minimized the need for the movement of tissue or glass slides. The vision shown by the lead laboratory physicians and this healthcare organization in overcoming logistical, physical, and geographical constraints, and exploiting the power and potential of today’s virtual technologies to maintain and enhance healthcare delivery, is exemplary.