Aurora Interactive Ltd. is very pleased to announce that the company has signed a contract for its mScope Clinical and mScope Universal Viewer with CONTICANET, (CONnective TIssue CAncer NETwork), a European consortium of 19 research organizations which plan to become a world leader in the understanding, diagnosis and management of connective tissue cancers.

One of the major initiatives at the cornerstones of CONTICANET is the creation of Conticabase, a shared database. Over the last three years this ambitious project, under the project leadership of Professor Coindre, has been underway, developing a massive virtual tumor bank. This project is to set up a database on patients with connective tissue cancer and a virtual tumour bank. Connective tissue cancers, which include sarcomas, gastrointestinal stromal sarcoma, aggressive fibromatosis and hamartomas, are rare cancers that affect a broad spectrum of age groups.

Dr. Jean-Michel Coindre, Professor of Pathology at the Université Victor Ségalen and head of the Department of Pathology at Institut Bergonié stated that: “There are several other important components being introduced into this databank. We are introducing a virtual slide system that will allow remote pathological review of the samples by a Web-based panel of expert pathologists, improving the validity of any results derived from these samples.”

Mr. Pierre Le Fèvre, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aurora declared that: “We are very pleased to team up with such a high calibre organization who values the quality of our medical communication tools to tackle, what is probably the largest undertaking of its kind in the world, the creation of a database of patients with connective tissue cancer”